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How to Use Your Karma Carrier

Thank you for taking the time to visit our instruction page for wearing the best baby sling on the market. Our goal is to provide a fabulously constructed, easy-to-use product to support the connection you have with your baby. We offer carriers that are designed to make wearing a baby comfortable and simple.

Practice not only makes perfect, but it also makes using your sling simple and fun. You may want to practice with the following instructions if you experience any problems.

Before you begin, make sure that both you and the baby are rested, fed and content in a familiar environment. Try putting your baby in the sling while in a sitting position on a chair or bed. You will have better arm coordination and stability in this position. Also, try breastfeeding in the carrier for another positive experience in bonding with your baby.

Make sure your baby is secure in the sling before letting go. While bending over, give your baby additional support. Relax and have fun! This will make a tremendous difference in you and your baby's life!

Here are some instructions on how you can wear our slings.



The Cradle Carry (at least 8lbs to 10 months)

This position is great for little babies and naptime. It is also a good position to use for nursing. Be careful when positioning a newborn in the cradle carry position, that their airway is completely open. Continually check their position and that their airway is still open.

  • Begin by folding your sling in half (with the pocket on the outside) and placing it over your non-dominate arm (the sling should rest on the shoulder you wish to carry the weight on). Make sure the seam of the sling is in the center of your body.
  • Next, place your baby's bottom into the pouch first with the baby's bottom resting in the seam behind the pocket (this is the strongest part of the sling). Make sure you are fully supporting your baby's head and body while laying him in the sling.
  • Gently place your baby's feet inside the carrier and lay your baby's head down in the carrier.
  • Tip: Your baby's head should always be nearest the shoulder the pouch is resting on.

The Hip Carry

  • This is a simple position in which your baby is resting on your hip. Good for babies who can hold up their heads well.
  • Begin by folding the sling in half with the pocket on the outside and again place the sling over your non dominate arm and the seam of the sling should rest on the side of your body
  • Place your baby's bottom in the sling in the seam behind the pocket, while you are putting the baby in pull the inside piece of fabric down. This will create a little seat for him.
  • Make sure their bottoms are well supported in the sling. His knees should be higher than his hip
  • If you feel that the baby is leaning backwards or is too far away from you, you can fold back the top layer of fabric at your shoulder. This technique can be used with any of the sling carrying positions.

Tummy to Tummy Carry

  • Same as the hip carry, just place baby on your belly instead of your hip, with the seam of the sling resting in the middle of your body rather than on the side. Again you can use the technique of folding over the top layer of fabric if you need to bring the baby in closer to you.

Kangaroo Carry (picture of this position on the top right of this page)

This is great for babies that just want to soak up the world. They are very stimulated by the sights, sounds, and smells around them but the stimulation can be regulated by you. This is appropriate for babies that can hold their heads up well and are in a wakeful state. Be careful to always support your baby while bending over.

  • When putting on your carrier, be sure the seam behind the pocket is in line with your belly button. While holding your baby directly in front of you, cross his legs and open up the pouch.
  • Place your baby with his legs crossed, bottom down in the sling (sitting in the seam which will create a seat for him). Again you can use the technique of folding over the top layer of fabric if you need to bring the baby in closer to you.

Back Carry

This position should not be used until the baby is at least 18 months old.

  • Start by putting your baby in the hip carrying positon.
  • Move your arm over the child so that it is in front of him and genlty move them around your back.

A sling that is the right size should rest just at your belly button, if it falls down near your hips then the sling is too big.
It is very easy to discreetly breast feed while using your sling.
With all theses positions the sling should feel comfortable and secure but not too tight.

Do you still have questions about using our slings? Contact our expert, Kimberly, at orders@karmababy.com.

Disclaimer: Ultimately, you are responsible for taking great care and caution when using a carrier with your baby. Do not use the slings until your baby is at least 8lbs and full term. It is critical that the baby's airway is open at all times. Please use common sense and never handle anything dangerous that is within your baby's reach. Never cook while bonding with your baby. Check once, check twice to make sure your baby is secure. Karma Baby is not held respsonsible for the misuse of their slings. Additionally, do periodic checks to look for tears and to make sure the seams are holding up.